Hats Off to the RAIDERS!
Friday, September 1st

Our Very First 
"Raider Spirit Day"

We are starting the day off in our Raider gear (including Riverdale hats) and or our best Garnet and Gold attire. There will be 2 pep rallies during the  1st period/class of the day. We will start  Rally 1 at 7:10 and Rally 2  at 7:55 (see the department list below). We are splitting due to the size of the student body and capacity of the gym. We will follow THE REGULAR SCHOOL BELL SCHEDULE for the entire day. Teachers and students will only attend one rally with their class.   There will be Riverdale Trivia throughout the day sent to the students via e-mail and the winners will receive prizes. We will have music and face painting at lunch so please stop by and join the fun.  We want to encourage all students to participate and remember that teachers and staff “Lead by  Example.”

Rally 1- English, Social Studies, Reading, PE, ROTC, AG

Rally 2- Math, Science, Business, Fine Arts, Foreign Lang

When change has to occur it’s not always easy nor perfect.
Please stand with us and  show your Raider Pride and support our Inaugural Raider Spirit Day.


It’s a GREAT time to be a RAIDER.