Grad Images

*Riverdale is not fiscally associated with GradImages nor any of it's affiliations**

Grad Images requires either: an account via email sent by them to the graduates on record with them or a link directly to each graduate's personal photos. Clicking on the links they provide, graduates and family members will see a small window showing, "Let us know who you are":

Then, site visitors will see any and all photos taken of THAT graduate and any that the school or organization choose to display (like a photo of the full graduating class):

Please note that these are viewable, but not available for duplication from their site.

There are links to see each photo by clicking on each of the photos themselves.

Once you see photos that you may like to get, then you may choose a photo package:

There are a few types of photo packages available.

This $129.95 package is an example of a full package from the GradImages site. This was not taken from the Riverdale High School photos and is only intended as a preview of a possible package offering from GradImages online.