Mr. Scott Cook, RHS PrincipalDear Raider Family,

          I hope you are ready to finish the year strong. The year is winding down, but this next month is extremely important. We have several testing sessions, school events, and a number of exciting activities to look forward to. Please be sure that you are aware of all of your testing dates as we have quite a few that are upcoming, including AP, IB, Florida Standards Assessments, and EOC’s. While this is an important and sometimes stressful time, we will also take some time to have fun and recognize the many great accomplishments that our students and teachers have made. We have Senior Awards Night, Baccalaureate, and several other fun events that will lead up to graduation. Make sure to look out for all of this information in the coming days.

Please continue to work hard and finish what has been an awesome school year! Summer is just weeks away. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call us at 694-4141. Again, our motto is, “Success is a Choice,” and we know all Riverdale students will choose to be successful.


 -Principal Cook

Administrative Team
Scott Cook [email protected] Principal 239-694-4141
Tony Allen [email protected] Assistant Principal 239-694-4141
Jill Johnson [email protected] Assistant Principal 239-694-4141
Julie Powell [email protected] Assistant Principal 239-694-4141
John Roszell [email protected]
Assistant Principal 239-694-4141