Athletic Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Riverdale High School Athletics Program. We are always looking for highly-motivated, passionate, and energetic people who want to assist our students and coaches.

Below is a list of basic requirements to become a volunteer at Riverdale High School. Understand that all requirements must be met prior to entering onto the field/court/pool areas with any of our student-athletes.*

1. Name must be run through Sexual Predator Database, as mandated by Jessica Lunsford Act annually.

2. Complete Volunteer form - contact RHS at 694-4141

3. Complete Volunteer Coach form - contact RHS at 694-4141

4. Meet with the Athletic Director, Mr. Tom Roszell.

* Please note as a volunteer you will not be allowed to be left alone with the student-athletes, drive a school van, or act as the school representative of the team. Thank you for your understanding.

Forms, Applications, and Information