RHS Geek Club

What is "The Geek Club?"

Student-led, teacher-guided assembly of those with similar "geek and nerd culture" interests, hobbies, similarity of lifestyle and life-enriching experiences that culminate in a sharing of such with others. Areas of interest range from comic books and mystical/fantasy to technology and anime/movies and much, much more. All interests are grounded in school-appropriate content linked with interpersonal acceptance of all peoples and an invitational-type attitude of well-being and positivity and respect within and throughout the club's membership and extraneous relationships of friendship and kindness.


Friday 04.06.18
Friday 04.20.18
Friday 05.04.18


Room 7-19 Metzner
Room 7-19 Metzner
Room 7-19 Metzner

Meeting Events

3rd to last meeting
2nd to last meeting
May the 4th - Last Club of the Year