Riverdale JROTC

          The Riverdale JROTC program is experiencing another exciting year. This year’s Raider Battalion continues to be very promising and has demonstrated exceptional potential all year. Last year we earned another perfect Honor Unit with Distinction by scoring 400 out of 400 points on our Unit Report. We continue to encourage all cadets to set outstanding examples and use their knowledge of JROTC to help the new cadets. With the combined effort of our returning cadets, our new cadets, and parents, we have been a part of a fun and productive year in JROTC. This year will be especially exciting as we will have our 5 year Formal Inspection from our Brigade Headquarters.
          The number of students enrolling in JROTC has been increasing each year at Riverdale and throughout the county. This year we have over 300 cadets enrolled in JROTC. Master Sergeant Villaverde will be starting his fourth year of instruction at Riverdale and he will be instructing the first year JROTC cadets. First Sargeant Trent will be starting his 22nd year at Riverdale. This year we pleased to welcome Captain Amy Taylor to the distinguished instructor staff here at Riverdale. We are also pleased to welcome Sargeant First-Class Benintende to our instructional staff. Each year a new Battalion Staff is appointed for the year. The Battalion Staff is responsible for planning and running nearly all of the battalion’s operations. They are the chain of command for your son or daughter. It is imperative that your son or daughter learn the names of those cadets in the chain of command and what positions they hold. All cadets will be quizzed on the chain of command during the weekly inspections.
          Our Uniform day is Wednesday of every week. With the alternating block schedule your son or daughter will only have to wear scheduled that day. This will actually reduce the number of days the cadets get to wear their uniform to 2 or 3 times a month. The first Wednesday of each month cadets will wear the Army Service Uniform (ASU), blue pants and grey shirt, once they are issued. Cadets are required to wear the uniform the entire day and will be graded on how well they wear it during Inspection on that day. The uniform inspection will count for twenty-five percent of the students overall grade. We hope to have all of the cadets in uniform by the middle of October. The uniforms are issued free of charge, we ask that the blue pants be dry cleaned only, the ACU (camouflage) pants and the grey shirts may go in the regular laundry. The cadets will have to return the Uniform at the end of the school year and will be charged if they lose any of the issued items.


If you have any questions about the JROTC Program at Riverdale, then contact our instructors:

Captain Taylor, [email protected]

First Sergeant Trent, [email protected]

Master Sargeant Villaverde, [email protected]

Sargeant First-Class Benintende, [email protected]

or call at 239-694-4141 x 286

JROTC Calendar

Each year JROTC cadets participate in many exciting activities and community support projects. The events scheduled are as follows:

2017 Dates

  • 21 Apr - Lee County Marksmanship Competition - ICHS
  • 22 Apr - State Marksmanship Competition - ICHS
  • 25-27 Apr - Zone Awards Ceremony 2017
  • 3 May - Staff Change Ceremony
*Any changes in dates or unmentioned events will be posted on the bulletin board inside the JROTC room.
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RHS' JROTC Female Unarmed Drill Team won 3rd place at the State Drill Meet!

The cadets did fabulous. They received a third place in their category out of 32 teams. There were only two JROTC programs in the district that place. If you see these cadets, then please congratulate them on a well-deserved recognition. 
The following cadets competed at Geroge Jenkins HS in Lakeland, Florida, on 1 April 2017:
RHS JROTC State Drill Team
  • Lindsey Hagadish
  • Ariana Farmer
  • Victoria Serrano
  • Esperanza Menard
  • Grace Miller
  • Destiny Scritchfield
  • Nilsa Villanueva
MSG Michael R. Trent


2017 RHS JROTC Leadership TeamCongratulations to the Riverdale Leadership Team - Esperanza Menard, Alex Nalewaik, Rhiannon Smith, Adrian Zurita, and Sara Perkins – for coming in 1st place in Level II of the JROTC National Leadership Bowl! Out of 1,310 teams from programs across the United States and overseas, the Riverdale Leadership Team is one of only 40 teams to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to compete at the National Leadership Bowl June 23-27. For more details, please visit the College Options Foundation.

Battalion Staff

This year’s Battalion Staff is as follows:

Battalion Commander: Ms. Lindsey Hagadish

P.C.O.B. Ms. Arianna Farmer

Battalion X.O.: Ms. Rhiannon Smith

C.S.M: Ms. Sara Perkins

S-1: Mr. Josh Cook

S-2: N/A

S-3: Ms. Jessika Davis

S-4: Mr. Jordyn Shaver

S-5: Mr. Kenny Mota

S-6: Mr. William Gwin