FOCUS and Parentlink - Parents and students wanting to see schedules, access assignment information, print interims, and view all current grades for all classes may log into FOCUS directly. You may also click on the first image link below to access Focus online (just follow the log in instructions there). If you need detailed account creation information, then please click on the "Parent's Guide to Focus & Account Setup" image; below the access link image. Please remember that you will need to know your child’s student ID number and date of birth in order to access their information.

Download the FOCUS Guide

Parents should be able to log into FOCUS at any time to see the cumulative grade for each class their child attends. The District’s gradebook software (FOCUS) does still work with Parentlink, however FOCUS is kept updated to show relavent information regarding your child's progress.

Do you wish to log into Parentlink? No worries, follow this link for instructions.

You may also log into the Lee County Schools App so that you are just one click or touch away from grade information.


We believe that FOCUS and the Lee County app will help parents and their children, our students, stay more informed about everything needed to know. Thank you for your continued support for your child in the Lee County Schools system.