Parking Regulations for Students at Riverdale High School

Parking your vehicle at Riverdale High School (RHS) is a privilege.  If this privilege is abused, then you will lose your parking privileges.  Financial obligations MUST be resolved and your Emergency Card and Code of Conduct papers completed before a parking permit will be issued.  Your parking permit MUST be visible at all times.  Parking Permit fee is $30.00 (or $60.00 for your name on a spot); replacement fee for a lost permit is $15.00.

  1. Students may park in designated “student parking” areas only.*
  2. RHS assumes no responsibility for any damage to any vehicle parked on campus.
  3. RHS assumes no responsibility for the theft of any vehicle left on campus.
  4. RHS assumes no responsibility for items taken from any vehicle on campus.
  5. Students must have proper authorization to leave campus during the school day.*
  6. Students with RHS parking privileges will be required to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.  The RHS parking lot is a place for you to park your vehicle.  Loitering in the parking lot is unacceptable and consequences for doing so will be given in accordance with the school discipline policy.*
  7. If at any time there is reason to believe that a student is concealing stolen or illegal property, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or tobacco products, illegal drugs or substances and/or any weapons, a member of the instructional or administrative staff has the right to search the student as well as the student’s locker, vehicle,  and/or personal property.  In addition, school premises are subject to search by trained animals.  (Florida Statute #232.256)
  8. 10 unexcused tardies to school will result in a temporary loss of driving privileges.

*Failure to follow the parking regulations may result in the following punishments:

1st Offense:   Warning                                                      

2nd Offense1 Day After-Hours School                           

3rd Offense2-Week Loss of Parking Privilege.

4th Offense:  3-Week Loss of Driving Privilege

5th Offense:  Level III (Administrative Review)