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Talent Show Information

2018 RHS Talent Show Rules

To be Eligible:

  • The show is open to all Riverdale High School students/teacher/staff.
  • Students may perform in only one act.
  • All students must return a completed and signed Talent Show Participation Form by 03/08/2017 (attached)
  • Students who are part of a group act should submit their Participation Forms together.
  • Only those who attend the auditions and rehearsals will be allowed to perform.
  • Top Ten acts will be performing at the talent show.

Planning your act:

  • Lyrics, costumes and performances should be compliant with school policy and appropriate for all audiences. Music and performances will be screened for appropriateness.
  • All equipment for the student’s act must be provided by the student.
  • If your act requires recorded accompanying music, the music must be:
    • Provided to the Talent Show Committee at the time of the auditions.
    • Please bring the CD labeled with the student’s name(s), song name, and artist\composer to the auditions and rehearsals.
  • It is your responsibility to get your music back after the show.
  • Performances cannot be longer than 5 minutes, acts will be penalized for going over.

Performance Information

  • Performance Category:
    • Vocal
    • Instrument
    • Dance
    • Comedy
    • Other
      • If other, please specify

Audition Date: March 14th (Wednesday)

  • Sign up in room 3-02 for Audition time.

Meeting Date: April 3rd (Tuesday) 2:00pm

Talent Show Date: April 5th (Thursday) at 6:00pm