2016-2017 Club Members

2016-2017 RHS Scholar's Club


Scholars Club members at FGCU on December 7, 2016

Scholars Club members at FGCU - December 2016


Every other Tuesday


President: Esterson Celestin

Vice President: Abigail Begg

Secretary: Daniela Medina

Treasurers: Jessica Cossio and Laura Juan

Parliamentarians: Jessica Hernandez, Kelly Bello, and Laurimar Soto



Last date of Inductions was November 1, 2016


Bake Sale, Car Wash, Cookie Grams

Sign ups are November 14th

"Send some cookies to someone who you are thankful for" Cost: $2-$3*

*see a Scholar's Club member for details

An Explanation of Florida Gulf Coast Scholars Club


This is a voluntary organization to prepare students underrepresented in the university setting or first generation children from families that do not have immediate family members in the university or minority and female students. It was established by a student at Ft. Myers High School many years ago to encourage underrepresented and minority students to apply for and attend college. Many students do not have the resources, the information, nor the first-hand knowledge  of how to apply for university admission, or are not familiar with entering academic and testing prerequisites. This program invites students to attend the university to experience sometimes their first venture to a university campus setting. Because the experiences are tailored for novice students to the university, all aspects of the university experience are opened to their involvement at a rudimentary level of campus visits, question-answer sessions, frequent contact with students, and the availability of immediate response to any aspect not familiar to students and parents. Also, financial aid and financial costs are explained as well as housing options.
Anything you can do to encourage these students and any others who are making the choice to improve their educational experience by undertaking the university challenge, please communicate your positive experiences which will add to their construction of an idea of what post-secondary educational opportunities await them.


Thank you,

Louis P. Lillard, Department Chair and World Language Coach

RHS World Languages