RHS STEM Students at FGCU 2015

STEM refers to the academic areas of:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Riverdale High School has an active STEM-at-Work program that strives to bring the essence of hands-on immersion experiences via work with local business partners. In 2015, the RHS STEM Club travelled around the county to participate in events like the ones pictured on this page: 1. FGCU team event: Catapault and 2. SFMHS team event: Secondary Math.

STEM at Work is a program that allows students to visit local businesses. We have had students in the past get internship possibilities through this program. Around 30 students will be selected to be a part of it for those students who are interested. It is a beneficial program that is conducted during school hours. This program does require that students keep up with their school work and not miss many days. If you miss a field trip, then you will be replaced on the next one. There are about 4-5 field trips throughout the school year and will be led by Mrs. Manetta and Mrs. Ades. Fill out the link below if you are interested.

RHS STEM Students at SFMHS event in 2015
RHS STEM Students at FGCU event in 2015
RHS STEM Students at FGCU event in 2015


Online application for S.T.E.M. students

[email protected]: Meeting Dates

*All meetings were held in Room 1-02 (Manetta) from 1:45pm - 2pm

  • 9/17 (Thursday)
  • 10/1 (Thursday)
  • 11/5 (Thursday)
  • 12/3 (Thursday)
  • 1/12 (Tuesday)
  • 1/26 (Tuesday)
  • 2/8 (Monday)
STEMtastic Day of Discovery was February 13, 2016! This event was held at the Harborside Event Center as part of the Edison Festival of Light festivities. There were more hands-on, STEM-oriented activities for kids of all ages, so...
for this year we need you to get creative... and to sign up for STEM (and for a booth at this year's event). You are welcome to repeat last year’s activity if it was a hit, or challenge yourself to come up with something new. You can even request a spot on our center stage to really show off what you can do!
To register as an exhibitor, please watch for the link to be posted Fall 2016