Parking Permit Application 23-24



Step 1---Read and Sign: Both the parent/guardian and the student should carefully read the Student Parking Permit Application & Agreement and the Student Parking Policy & Procedures. (These are the next page of this document.) The parent/guardian and the student must sign document.


Step 2---Collect all your info… On a SINGLE SHEET of paper: Make a photocopy of your   

                                                      Driver’s (Operator’s) License

                                                                    Auto Insurance Card

                                                              Vehicle Registration slip


Applications will NOT be accepted/processed without ALL THREE pieces of this information submitted together. Temporary vehicle registration slips are NOT accepted. We do NOT make copies of your documents or provide applications, so please come prepared. Make sure the copy is clear and no information is cut off, as this causes the application to be deemed “Incomplete” and unable to be processed. Any changes in vehicles must be reported promptly to the Student Affairs Office secretary by providing an updated copy of the registration.


Step 3---Before applying: Check to make sure you have


   NO unpaid obligations / Fees & Fines

              Most recent semester GPA is a 2.0 or greater


Students must meet the minimum required 2.0 G.P.A. at the end of each semester PRIOR to the application submission. Applications will be not be processed if ANY of the above listed issues apply, so please be sure you meet the standards BEFORE applying. Please remember: Parking spot WILL be immediately revoked should you fail to maintain the minimum GPA at the end of each semester. Should GPA fall below this minimum the parking spot will be REVOKED and the Student WILL NOT be allowed to park on campus during school hours. Parent/guardian will be responsible for providing IMMEDIATE alternate transportation to and from school (School bus, carpool, walk, etc.). Student is allowed to

re-apply at each semester if their GPA meets the standard.


Step 4---After successfully completing all above steps:

Submit your completed 2023-2024 school year application to the Student Affairs office along with the required copies (see step 2) and PAYMENT OF $40. Replacement fee for a lost permit is $15. (Check OR EXACT cash amount only). Make check payable to: Riverdale High School and print your “Student’s name/Parking” on the memo line of the check! Make sure a phone number is on the check.



***July 26th and 27th – Senior Parking permits available.

 ***August 2nd and August 3rd – Juniors Parking permits available.

***If your semester GPA falls below 2.0 your parking spot will be immediately revoked.


***Students are not allowed to park ANYWHERE on campus without a valid issued permit.


***Students must ALWAYS park in their designated parking spot and lot.


                                                                      STUDENT PARKING PERMIT

Application and Agreement for: 2023-2024


Welcome to Riverdale High School. Just like driving is a privilege, so is parking on campus. Irresponsible actions and endangering the lives and safety of others will not be tolerated. Permits must be displayed at ALL times and students must park in their appropriate area. Vehicles must be parked in the numbered space that corresponds to the permit number issued. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK IN “VISITOR PARKING” AT ANY TIME for any reason and is considered illegal parking. Parking spots are only for 12th and 11th graders.


Student Name (print): _________________________   Age: _____    2023 - 2024 Grade Level (Circle): Grade 12 or 11


Street Address: __________________________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Work or Cell phone: _____________________________


List any extracurricular activity/program: (Band/Chorus, DCT, Externship, Sport, etc.):




When issued a parking permit you will be expected to fully comply with the following Rules and Policies:

1. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the safety and actions of all passengers in their vehicle. Drivers and passengers must wear a seat belt at all times on campus, and while driving to and from a school sponsored activity.

2. STUDENTS MUST MAINTAIN a 2.0 GPA EACH semester to retain parking spot

3. You must be a daily driver to receive a parking spot.

4. The speed limit on school grounds is 5 miles per hour.

5. Music volume must be kept at an appropriate level so that classrooms are not disturbed.

6. Students may only be in the parking lot when coming to or leaving campus. Do not use your car as a locker or eat lunch in your car. Loitering is not permitted.

7. Student must not transport other students off campus illegally.

8. The parking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

9. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons found in any vehicle will result in the immediate revocation of parking privileges.

10. Parking permit sticker must be displayed on the bottom left driver’s side of the vehicle at all times.



Consequences may include but are not limited to:

* Suspension of Parking Privileges * In School Suspension * Out of School Suspension *Revocation of Parking Privileges


I have read the rules & policies above and understand them as stated. By signing I/We concur with the guidelines, rules, and policies as well as the consequences stated on this document. I further understand that should I park illegally, allow someone else to use my permit and /or parking spot, not follow the above rules, or not meet the GPA requirement, I WILL LOSE MY PERMIT and will not be able to park anywhere on campus.


_____________________________________                           ______________________________________

Student Signature                                                        Parent/Guardian Signature

Office Use Only: Office Use Only:


Assigned Permit #: Receipt #: Cash or Check #:



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